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APPKEY'S MARKET offers high quality source code for smart phone applications and web systems at low prices.
Our source code is rigorously tested and updated to ensure maximum compatibility with the latest technologies.


Source Code Sell

We sell high-quality source code at low prices.

Here are some best-seller products by APPKEY that you can get on Envato Market. You can also contact us if you wish to create a customizable mobile application and website according to your preference.

Complete Mobile App Solutions

We sell mobile app solutions on CodeCanyon and Envato, the largest source code marketplaces on the Internet.

App Customization

We can undertake customized development of your app. Please contact us with your desired app specifications. We will provide you with a quote.

Premium Support

All our buyers are eligible for support. For post-sale support, buyers are encouraged to use our support site.


Taxi App

Taxi App

now on sale

The best online transportation booking app which suitable for many types of business, such as car and motorbike rental, online taxis, etc. It is created with the latest Flutter programming language; therefore, it has excellent flexibility to run on various devices and operating systems, such as Android and iOS.

Menu Web

Menu Web

(Coming Soon)

A website with high functionality to help your customers place their online orders anywhere and anytime. It is suitable for restaurants, hotels, and karaoke businesses. This web has incredible responsiveness on smartphones, tablets, and computers since it is made with the latest Laravel programming language.

Wordpress App

WordPress App

(Coming Soon)

This smartphone application is made by Flutter and integrated with the most popular CMS today which is WordPress! This particular application is working perfectly on both Android and iOS operating systems. It also offers the most effortless navigation for users’ daily use through the most simplest UI/UX design.

We can help you customize your source code

We can make your app exactly the way you want it by changing the code that we use to build it.

Our team of app builders knows a lot about making apps and will make sure your app works really well. We use new tools and technology to make sure your app works quickly, is dependable, and is easy to use.

If you want a company from Indonesia to make you a custom app that you can afford, we're the people you need to talk to! Call us now and we'll help you make an app that does what you want it to do.


APPKEY has developed many national and international software projects since 2012 and has answered everyone’s dreams, needs, and business models.

Navigation App

We built this application using the latest version of Flutter programming, as well as utilizing GPS technology to obtain real-time user information. It also has been integrated with the third-party payment feature that simplifies the payment process.

Business App

This business app is specifically created to support companies, with the ultimate goal of increasing the efficiency of your business management process. The handled work by this app includes the customers management and documents.

Online-Catalog Web

Now you can display your online catalog products simply through this website. This application is a perfect fit for you who run an online store in fashion, beauty, etc. Moreover, customers also can order their desired items directly on the same page!

Delivery App

Bring your delivery management to the higher level with our delivery service application. Our app comes in a complete package consisting of users, drivers, and web-admin, which makes this app suitable for every type of delivery business.

WordPress App

Want to turn your WordPress website into an App? Now you can do it! We are ready to help you develop your WordPress Application to enhance your business performance. Do not worry; the process is faster and cheaper than other app development packages.

Tourism Business App

A complete application for work in the tourism field. This app is designed with various highly-functioning features which beneficial in managing and promoting your products instantly. We are the perfect answer for your first tourism business app needs!

Education App

The education app will make it easier for teachers or tutors to provide the best teaching materials. It is also favorable for students since they can access the class easier. Your online learning activities will be more fun and memorable with this app!

Online Shop App

Selling stuff nowadays no longer requires a physical store which costs a lot of money. You can have the perfect online store operated only through Android/iOS smartphones. Are you interested in having your own store? We can make a unique one for you!


Innovated System

Proficient in developing systems integrated with databases, payment systems, GPS, API, etc. We bring the latest technology to produce high-quality software products.


Always professional in fulfilling all users’ requests for any smartphone application and website. Thus, we can give the best service and results for you.

Quality Assurance

Always ensure each product’s quality through a complete trial from UI/UX design to system development directly by our professional team. Therefore, our system is easy to use.

Complete Services

We offer a complete software development service along with customizable apps and web suitable to your needs. Each project will be using the current technology and programming language.

Attractive Design

Our team is skillful in creating unique, attractive, and easy-to-use application designs by presenting the most recent and elegant designs based on your style and desires.

Total Support

Provides support for every purchased web and app; starting from internal system fixes, server management, routine maintenance and SEO to maintain a good and stable performance software.

Affordable and Low Price

We have the best software price for everyone since our developers can work most efficiently. Feel free to discuss your budget; we will help you choose the best deal!

Complete Documentation

After project development is complete, we will create documentation on how to use the system, starting from the installation stage until your system is ready to operate.


APPKEY applies a clear and structured software development flow to produce the best quality applications and websites.

Contact Us

Are you looking for the best-experienced app and web developer? Contact us! We are ready to help you create the websites and applications you want.


What is the perfect type of app or web for your business? Do not worry; we are always open to giving some suggestions and solutions according to your problem.

Working Contract

Our team will arrange the work agreements in a contract before the project starts. It is done to maintain professionalism and convenience for all parties.


You can understand the workflow and ways to use the app in no time because we always put the project documentation completely for each screen.

UI/UX Design

The ease of web and app usage by users is our top priority. You can always tell us about your design preference so that we can fulfill every wish.


The software development will begin after you approve the UI/UX design proposals. This process is done with the most updated programming language version.

Quality Assurance (QA)

To ensure that our system can works fine and the features satisfy your needs, our experienced tester will test each app before moving on to the next stage.


It’s time to upload the apps (to Playstore/Appstore) and the web (to the production server)! It will be done after you approve the final software results.


Lastly, system maintenance must be done regularly to preserve the software’s performance. Stay calm, because our team is always one call away to help you.

Custom-Make Application and Website According to Your Needs

If our products still need to meet your demand, we are also open to custom-made apps and webs according to your brand necessity and goal.