Taxi App Flutter - Application for Booking Transportation

Taxi App Flutter - Application for Booking Transportation

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Need a convenient application for booking transport? This online vehicle reservation application is recommended for car rental businesses, online taxi services, motorbikes for trips, etc.
Built with the latest Flutter programming system, this app is suitable for all devices and operating systems, including Android and iOS.

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Appkey Taxi - The Best Taxi App Flutter

Taxi App Flutter - Application for Booking Transportation

"Appkey Taxi - The Best Taxi App Flutter" encompasses all the basic features of an online cab booking app.
From this app you can build your own cab booking app.

Full source code for dart for both iOS and Android
Back-end admin code


The TAXI APP system is ready to use to develop your online booking travel application on Android or iOS, and designed to be compatible with all types of devices (including smartphones and tablets).

Easy to Use

Our system is supported by UI/UX design that prioritizes user convenience, simplicity operation, thus producing an intuitive responsive online application for all. You will discover how to use this app in no time!

High Demand

Many features in the TAXI APP that makes this application is one of the most in-demand and supports many business models worldwide. Instantly connect with everyone at your fingertips.


The app has complete and easy-to-understand documentation and is also supported by an expert developer team. Your app will always be updated following the latest Android/iOS update.

Complete Mobile App Solutions

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App Customization

We can undertake customized development of your app. Please contact us with your desired app specifications. We will provide you with a quote.

Premium Support

All our buyers are eligible for support. For post-sale support, buyers are encouraged to use our support site.

Complete source code for iOS and Android

Complete Flutter-built source code for cab reservations for iOS and Android, complete with all the code and resources you need to build and run a cab reservation application on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Online Documentation

Documentation will be provided. The product comes with documentation available online with detailed information on how to install, configure, and use the application.

No expiration date

Once you purchase an app, you can continue to use all the features of both the front-end and back-end at no additional charge for life.

Source code for the admin panel

Source code for the administration panel built in Laravel is included. We provide you with the source code for a web-based administrative control panel to manage and monitor your cab booking application

Free Updates

Purchase the product once and receive free updates for every new release. Sellers purchase the product once and receive free updates every time a new version is released.

Full support system

Support team always ready to solve problems: The seller mentions that they have a support team that is always ready to assist customers in case they encounter any problems with the product.

We can help you customize your source code

We can make your app exactly the way you want it by changing the code that we use to build it.

Our team of app builders knows a lot about making apps and will make sure your app works really well. We use new tools and technology to make sure your app works quickly, is dependable, and is easy to use.

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TAXI App Best Features

Our TAXI APP is a smartphone app for those who want a vehicle rental app as wished. This application has various excellent features which make ordering taxis or other vehicle services the easiest. Here are some of its superb features!

Login and Register

Our login system is a front door for everyone. Use the “User Application” feature to register yourself as a user and the “Admin Panel” to register drivers. All registration only requires an active email address and valid phone number. Then, you can log in with the registered email address and password you created.

Fare Estimation Checking

The application automatically calculates the order rate for each customer. Prices are estimated based on the distance between the selected pick-up point and the drop-off destination. In addition, there is a specific feature in the “Admin Panel” to set the standard price.


Users can pay their taxi rent price directly and very simple using cash payment menthod to driver. You can customize and add other payment like credit and debit cards, PayPal, and other popular digital payment methods in your region that you preferred by contacting our support.

Driver Tracking

Want to know about your order’s progress? Do not worry; the application manager can always track the driver’s position and progress in the “Admin Panel.” A digital map is provided inside the application, too! Therefore, every user has a real-time connection with the driver anytime and anywhere.

Real-Time Position

This feature shows the real-time position of the vehicle on the map. A small car symbol will move on the digital road following the driver’s real action. That way, you won’t miss any updates about your order! It is also easier for users to prepare and estimate the driver’s arrival time at the pick-up point.

Order History

Forgot how much you paid in previous use? Don’t worry, there’s no need to remember detail of previous orders since both user and driver can simply go back to the Order History. In some cases, this feature helps minimize possible past issues, such as miscommunication between the user and driver.

Call Driver

Don’t have time to type a message for the driver? Just call them! Save more time and avoid being late by calling your driver before they arrive at the determined pick-up point. You can also ask the driver for some helps, like buying something essential for you on their way to pick you up. 


Wants to add more incredible features to your app? Take your online taxi app to the next level by simply customizing more features as you like! There is no limitation to your creativity and ideas when creating the app. Everything will be added and customized quickly and easily for everyday use.

This service plan is open for more special custom features request. Our professional team has expertise in developing various types of the latest application features.


User data safety is our priority. We always ensure that each user’s data is valid by carrying out a verification process. Here, the system will check and ensure that users are the actual owner of the registered email address and phone numbers. This process is also included in the security procedures to avoid the existence of fake accounts.

Favorite Location

Simply bookmark your favorite addresses (e.g., your home, office, or favorite public places) to shorten your booking process. Adding multiple addresses can be done in no time as this feature is arranged in a very user-friendly design. Just enter your destination address or retrieve from the order history then save it.


Users and drivers can talk directly via online chat. Every message and notification will be sent in real-time in the TAXI app.

You can leave important messages for the driver, such as detailed information regarding the pick-up point. Don’t worry, your privacy is always safe because all messages are encrypted and private.

Rating & Review

Users can give their rates, reviews, and tips to drivers if they are satisfied with the travel experience and the service provided by the drivers. The primary use of this feature is to monitor the driver’s performance by calculating their rating and reviews. Drivers can be motivated to improve their performance.


Consumers may enjoy a special discount by using online coupons provided by the company. The admin will automatically have the right to add the coupon code along with its usage term and condition in the Admin Panel menu. Hopefully, these coupons will help attract more users, sales, and business profits!


Remember to give some helps and support to all users. Every problem, like the accidentally left-behind goods, should be fixed as soon as possible. The Support feature will always be there to help every user, no matter how small or big the issue is. This is the best way to make our beloved customers happy and satisfied.

Revolutionize Your Transportation Business with "Taxi App Flutter"
Buy Source Code and Customize Your App Today!"

"Taxi App Flutter" has all the standard features you would expect from a popular cab dispatch app that already exists. We are selling the source code, including the Flutter app for drivers and users, and the backend built in Laravel.

With the Flutter cab app, users can easily find the best route and estimated fare by selecting a pick-up and drop-off location on a map. In addition, a web-based management screen is available to manage all driver and customer information. This allows you to start operations right away.

The system can be used not only for cabs, but also for a variety of other applications. You can use it for driving services, car rentals, hire cars, and more.

We also offer customization services based on our "Taxi App Flutter" source code. You can add specific features, change the design, and make the app the way you like it. If you are interested in customizing your app, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help.


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