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An application made by Flutter that also integrates with the most popular CMS currently: WordPress. This app supports both android and iOS operating systems. It has a simple design that will simplify users’ daily usage.



Flutter WordPress | Convert WordPress to Mobile App

WordPress App - Develop Your Website into an Application​

An app that accommodates CMS WordPress

Full source code for dart for both iOS and Android


The WPAPP has fast and stable performance. It can also run on various types of devices and operating systems.

Affordable Price

Get your WPAPP at affordable prices and compress the development time to make it as short as possible.

Total Supports

Our team provides full support whenever you encounter trouble after making a purchase.


Our documentation will make it easier for you when installing the app and learning how to use it for daily needs.

Complete Mobile App Solutions

We sell mobile app solutions on CodeCanyon and Envato, the largest source code marketplaces on the Internet.

App Customization

We can undertake customized development of your app. Please contact us with your desired app specifications. We will provide you with a quote.

Premium Support

All our buyers are eligible for support. For post-sale support, buyers are encouraged to use our support site.

Platform supported iOS and Android

We use the latest technology of Flutter in our mobile application development so that your application can run well on both iOS and Android platforms.

Improve your traffic

Give your loyal customers the easiest and fastest access to your best marketing content and increase your business traffic.

No time limit

You can use our products without any time limit, and you will get free updates if there are updates to our application.

Fully integrated with WordPress

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in the world. Today, we can also convert your WordPress websites into trendy applications.

Add your app to stores

Your WordPress app is now ready to publish to the Google Play Store and the APP Store.

Spotless Design

We prioritize our customers’ convenience in using our software system. In that order, we always make our app design as neat as possible.

We can help you customize your source code

We can make your app exactly the way you want it by changing the code that we use to build it.

Our team of app builders knows a lot about making apps and will make sure your app works really well. We use new tools and technology to make sure your app works quickly, is dependable, and is easy to use.

If you want a company from Indonesia to make you a custom app that you can afford, we're the people you need to talk to! Call us now and we'll help you make an app that does what you want it to do.

Flutter WordPress is freely customizable.
We offer ready-to-use app features and design templates.

To learn more about Flutter WordPress, please refer to the links below.

Customize | Flutter WordPress

This is an app development service that allows you to customize your WordPress website as you wish.

What is Flutter WordPress?

Offers a service to easily convert your WordPress website into a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Function | Flutter WordPress

We customize your mobile app by adding your unique features and functions.

Template | Flutter WordPress

You can choose from a number of templates to enhance the design of your app.

WPAPP the Best Features

The following are some of the best features available in the WordPress App​

Login and Register

Users who register themselves to the application will become your loyal subscribers.

List of Posts

Users can check out your latest posts, which will help increase your traffic.


Save every favorite post with the bookmarks feature in the app with one click.

Categories and Tags

Group each post according to its categories or tags for easier searching.


Search for your favorite posts at your own pace easily and quickly with just one click.


Share every post you like with other users with the sharing feature on the WPAPP.

Push Notification

Get direct updates for the latest posts at any time by seeing the notifications from the app.


You can add new features as you wish to the existing features in the current app.

We have a special computer code for the app part of our software, which can be simply added to Flutter WordPress. You can buy it depending on what you require.

Push Notification app
Push Notification app
Digital Cataloging App
Digital Cataloging App
Mobile Payment App
Mobile Payment App
Chat app
Chat app
Member login app
Member login app
Bookmark app
Bookmark app
Loyalty Program App
Loyalty Program App
Photo gallery app
Photo gallery app
Coupon app
Coupon app
Booking App
Booking App
Shopping Cart app
Shopping Cart app
Video app
Video app

Design your Flutter WordPress App with Ease Using Design Templates

We have some special computer code called Flutter source code for design templates, and you can add it simply to Flutter WordPress.
Using a design template can save you both time and money.
All you need to do is replace icons and other things, and then your unique design is finished! Alternatively, you can also create your own design without using a design template.

Design your Flutter WordPress App with Ease Using Design Templates


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